Our Mission

Taisho (Philippines), Inc is aiming to contribute to society by creating and offering superior pharmaceuticals and health-related products as well as healthcare-related information and services.

Our VIsion

Taisho aims to engage the community as a corporate citizen while striving to protect the environment and build mutually beneficial relationships, help realize healthier and more enriched lives, and establish and maintain fair and reasonable relationships with businesses, customers and suppliers.

Code of Conduct

Based on Taisho's founding principles, Taisho strives to comply with laws and regulations, maintain utmost ethical standards, dillegence and passion, and provide top-quality products and services at low prices.


Our Mission

The Company's mission is to contribute to society by creating and offering superior pharmaceuticals and health-related products as well as healthcare-related information and services in socially responsible ways that enrich people's lives by improving health and beauty.

Our Vision

Focus on core businesses:
- Self-Medication Operation Group, Prescription Pharmaceutical Operation Group
- Businesses based on clear scientific and objective evidence that take full advantage of the Company's strengths ... 

Corporate Philosophy

“SHINSHO” (Literally translated as “Gentlemanly Business”) means the business operation with Honestly, Diligence and Passion; instilling an individual and a company with pride to fairly interact with society and consumers.

Product Highlight

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Tempra® Liquid

Paracetamol (Tempra) is an analgesic/ antipyretic drug for the relief of headaches, minor aches and pains, and reduction of fever now in improved, better tasting flavor and in No Shake Formula Syrup (100% Dissolved Paracetamol)

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"Flanax® can be used to relieve headache, toothache, muscular ache and backache, pain of menstrual cramps, minor pain of arthritis, minor aches and pains associated with common cold and fever.

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Vivalyte is an electrolyte drink indicated for the prevention of dehydration and maintenance of good hydration.

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Tempra Cool Touch®

Cooling effect is sustained from night until morning and lasts up to 10 hours per sheet. The sheet stays in place and is gentle on skin and has a refreshing mild menthol scent. It quickly cools and soothes as it complements treatment of fever with a fever medication. The moisture contained in the gel absorbs and diffuses heat to achieve constant cooling effect.

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Cetirizine HCl (Temprazin) 5mg/5mL Syrup is an antihistamine used as a symptomatic relief of allergic conditions including rhinitis and chronic urticariia available in delicious grapes flavor.

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Ambroxol hydrochloride (Tempracof) 30mg/5mL Syrup is a mucolytic for the treatment of respiratory disorders associated with productive cough available in unique Orange-Vanilla-Butterscotch flavor.

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Bonamine® Chewable Tablet is used for the prevention and treatment of nausea, vomiting, or dizziness associated with motion sickness.

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Tempra Tablet®

Paracetamol is an analgesic-antipyretic drug. It is not a salicylate. It contains no phenacetin or caffeine. It has no effect on prothrombin time. Paracetamol (TEMPRA) is particularly valuable for use in patients who do not tolerate aspirin well because it is less likely to cause gastrointestinal distress.

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Lipovitan is a nutritional energy drink with the right combination of Taurine & Vitamin B Complex to provide healthy long-lasting strength to get you going!

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